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Shinsplintsky Family Circus

Circus tent with flag, hand-drawn

The Shinsplintsky Family Circus began as a comedic theater piece Terry created and performed in San Francisco with a cast of improv comedy actors. The show centered on The Most Dysfunctional Circus on Earth and featured a variety of somewhat pathetic acts and overly dramatic performers. 


Madam Shinplintsky is the imaginary founder and artistic director of the circus.  She was a former 911-call center operator who thrives on stress. Some of the other characters include Victoria Vargas, a disoriented psychic; Anita Date, a high wire performer afraid of heights; Sally Jesse Feeling Swell, the company’s decertified resident chiropractor; and Monsieur Monterey, a foreign spy of dubious nationality.


Terry depicts the antics and unusual adventures of the circus performers. The scenes are executed on watercolor paper and at times highlighted with watercolor, charcoal, and color pencils.  This lively group of characters is ever evolving.  Each piece of work illustrates that it’s never too late to join the circus.

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Shinsplintsky Family Circus Gallery
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